Polanski's rape victim says closing 1977 case would be 'act of mercy'

Showing up at a court hearing for the situation, Geimer, who was 13 years of age when Polanski attacked her in Los Angeles in 1977, said she had needed the criminal body of evidence against the film chief shut for quite a long time.

"I would entreat you to consider making a move to at long last put this issue to close as a demonstration of kindness to myself and my family," Geimer told Los Angeles Predominant Court Judge Scott Gordon.

"Equity is not just about discipline. It's about the value and thought," she stated, perusing from a readied explanation.

Polanski, now 83, conceded assaulting Geimer in 1977 and burned through 42 days in pre-trial guardianship. He at that point fled the Assembled States, dreading a supplication deal with prosecutors would be overruled and that he would get a protracted jail term.

From that point forward, the "Chinatown" chief has remained a criminal. The Assembled States has endeavored a few times to remove him from Europe to face equity, and more correctional facility time, in California.

Polanski's lawyer, Harland Braun, asked the judge on Friday to unlock declaration about the 1977 request bargain. Braun plans to utilize the declaration to induce European specialists to revoke the universal capture warrant against Polanski.

Judge Gordon said he would issue his choice at a later date.

Gordon decided in April that the French-Clean chief couldn't give a break from abroad to come back to the Assembled States without serving more correctional facility time.

Outside court, Geimer, who now lives in Hawaii, said she was happy to "have had the opportunity to talk and not simply be an onlooker."

She said the case kept on influencing her life and that of her family and three children. "It is extremely humiliating and disagreeable for them when there are journalists stopped outside the house and they are outside with cameras."

Geimer additionally played down the seriousness of what happened to her in 1977, saying Polanski had apologized to her and that they had traded messages as of late.

"It wasn't as traumatic for me as everybody might want to trust it might have been. I was a youthful, sexually dynamic young person and it was the unnerving thing. In any case, it was not a phenomenal thing. Much more awful things happen to individuals," she said.

"Individuals need to aggravate it than it was and appoint words to it ... I was there. I'm fine."

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